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Flex Force

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Flex Force is everything your dog needs for hip and joint support. Flex Force goes to work fast naturally lubricating joints, helping to alleviate inflammation and giving your dog increased flexibility and mobility!


This remarkable supplement is rich in all the nutrients dogs need for smooth, comfortable joints and hips. It also has the raw ingredients required for stronger muscles, bones, and a more attractive coat.

Far too many dogs don't get the nutrients they need from dog foods. Over time their joints get stiff and painful. As a dog ages, their bones can become brittle. Your dog may be aging for faster than she should. Flex Force stops that avoidable cycle poor nutrition causes.

Your dog will experience less pain, greater flexibility, and increased mobility. 

Ingredient Benefits

Glucosamine HCI - supplements help to stimulate cartilage growth and thicken synovial fluid, improving mechanical joint function and slowing the progression of arthritis – meaning less stiffness and discomfort for your dog.

Organic Turmeric - Helps to alleviate pain associated with joints issues and arthritis. Helps to reduce blood clots.  Aids in breaking down dietary fats that can cause irritable bowel disease.  Turmeric is a fantastic antioxidant that helps to naturally boost your dogs immune system.

Chondroitin Sulfate - Aids in significant pain reduction for dogs with arthritis, allowing improved mobility in arthritic limbs.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) -  Natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain killer).

Beef Broth Protein - 98% Protein - 70% Collagen - Natural source of easily digestible protein.  Great for joints as Bone broth is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Fantastic Liver Detoxifier.  Promotes a healthy gut!

Whey Protein Concentrate - Packed with all of the essential amino acids, Whey Protein promotes lean muscle growth and reduces inflammation while being extremely bioavailable.

Flax Seed Powder - Loaded with essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.  Fantastic for healthy skin and coat.  Supports healthy joints.  Supports healthy immune system.  Supports healthy kidneys.  May improve the health of dogs with adrenal issues.  Supports healthy digestion.