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Back in the early 2000s, I used to compete up and down the East Coast from 2002 to 2005 with my American bulldog pitbull. I got Wyatt at 4 months old from a breeder up in Alaska. We did everything from agility, bite work, hardest hitting contest, tug-of-war, you name it, we did it.

He did very well considering that we were in so many different competitions. Some of the things I noticed early on was that his nails will split and sometimes rip off and also his gums will bleed.

I was working with a very reputable trainer at that time, doing bite work, and he read dogs so well that he noticed that there wasn’t a lack of commitment, there wasn’t a lack of courage , but he was having something physical happening here. So at the time, I didn’t connect the fact that what I was seeing on the external had to do with internal issues that Wyatt was having.

The fact that his nails were ripping off and being brittle, bleeding, not being strong like they should be; that mapped back to issues with the immune system and lack of nutrients.


That’s when I got
introduced to the raw diet.


But, not only that, I was also fortunate enough to get introduced to a gentleman that actually owned and operated a slaughterhouse. And he actually had contracts with Great Adventure and the Philadelphia Zoo and a few other locations that he would create mixologies, formulas for their tigers, lions and other carnivores. He also had a canine division. Because of that, I was able to learn about the raw diet and literally pick his brain and learn in real time.

Once I got Wyatt on the raw diet with the mixology, with organ meats, muscle meat and green trip, within one month, everything started to turn around. And there’s no placebo effect because his nails hardened up, his gums got stronger, there was less bleeding. There was no guesswork with this and it made a difference, so that’s when I really jumped in deep in the nutritional world and it blew me away.


Now, fast forward the clock, 2018, is when we started to create the formulas and the business plan. And that business plan was: what can I do in a supplement form that will mimic the raw diet in a cost-effective and convenient way.

K9 MultiVitamin - 3Lbs! - K9 Super Supplements

That’s when K9 Multivitamin (Primal Power) was created.

Because I have a lot of experience in the human nutrition world, having owned and operated a sports nutrition store in Southern California back in 2008 till 2012, I wanted to duplicate what I would look for in products to bring into my store. And the things I would look for in a product was: the quality of the products, what separates them in the niche they are in, and is there a wow factor. And we hit all three of those with all of our products . After K9 Multivitamin (Primal Power) was created, then my next thought was to see what product I can create that will enhance it by working together,, but also, work independently and that was a no-brainer for me.

That’s when K9 Joint Support ( Flex Force) came to be.

The next thing I did was to listen to the audience. What is it that people are looking for? And that’s when we saw a need for a K9 Weight Gainer (Powerhouse). So that was the three products. We launched them in a row starting in 2018 and now, 2023, we just launched our Puppy Formula. And that will work together as a Stack with any other products or independently. All our products can work together because you’re talking about multiple pathways for the goal you are looking for. In the supplements, nutrition, food world, the more pathways you can hit at the same time, the quicker, the better the results. They also can work independently, because not everyone has the budget for multiple products.

I continued to look even further to see what else separates us in the niche that we are in. When I look at the landscape I realize that a lot of the Frenchies and the Exotics seem to have issues with chicken, so we are beef across-the-board. I also looked at some other products calories that are from sugar or from synthetic ingredients. Not all calories are created equal, there’s levels of this game. When it comes to the canine world, nothing comes close to organ meats, muscle meats,bone marrow, green tripe, because they are carnivores at their core.

Will they eat vegetables? Yes! Will they eat some other things? Yes,most will, but where do they really thrive in nature? Organ meats, muscle meats ...and that is what we have in our products. And on top of that, we added natural ingredients.

For example, in K9 Joint Support, we have the base of the raw diet and we have other ingredients like MSM, glucosamine, and some other natural ingredients that will lubricate the joints, support the muscle tissue. The same goes for the K9 Weight Gainer, with animal fat, animal protein and other natural ingredients. Green tripe, goat’s milk, and biotin, we added to the Puppy Formula, trying to imitate Momma’s Milk.

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The concept behind K9 Super Supplements, is through real world experience, real world wisdom, and creating formulas that also have the wow factor. Once the dog smells and tastes those organ meats, muscle meats, they go crazy over it, including dogs that are picky eaters or are in heat and do not want to eat.

As a whole, that’s who we

are, and where we are at.

That’s the direction I want to keep taking this company. I believe in value of providing the most education. I used to have a saying in my Sports Nutrition Store: You are going to leave here with more information that you came in with, whether you like it or not.

When you have real products that you can backup, your main objective is to have the most educated customers, because that helps you grow, that’s what is going to bring the most value and help you scale the company. That’s why I am here. Any questions, I’m not hard to find : Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. I’m out there and we will be on YouTube very shortly, so any questions hit me up. And, as always, let’s bring them back to their Primal Roots.