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K9 Super Supplements

K9 Multivitamin - 45 Servings!

K9 Multivitamin - 45 Servings!

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Delicious K9 Multivitamin diet on the go!  Even the most finicky dogs will crave the all-natural Smoked Beef Brisket flavor. K9 Multivitamin is jam-packed with 14 all-natural ingredients to create a nutritional synergy that powers good health and wellness.


K9 Multivitamin is the most nutrient-dense supplement on the market.  This product is packed with 14 all-natural ingredients that work in concert together to create a nutritional synergy that gives your pet everything it needs for excellent health and vibrant living.

K9 Multivitamin gives every dog the natural nutrition they need to build its immune system and turn the clock back. K9 Multivitamin is packed with everything needed to build stronger immune systems, lean muscle, smoother digestion, beautiful skin and coat, and increased energy and vitality.

K9 Multivitamin was specially formulated to mimic the raw diet with powerful, nutrient-dense ingredients like beef broth protein, organic pumpkin protein, coconut milk powder, organic alfalfa, blueberry extract, flax seed, dandelion root, beetroot, and many more.

This is a rich, proven formula recommended by top canine nutrition experts as the perfect way to supplement your dog's diet. Get the better health and more active life you want and need for your dog with K9 Super Supplement's K9 Multivitamin.

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Ingredient Benefits

Beef Liver A perfect addition to your dog's diet. Beef liver is rich in low-fat proteins, unlike beef muscle meat cuts. Beef liver also contains vital nutrients, healthy fats, iron, vitamin A, copper, zinc, phosphorus, essential fatty acids, and different B vitamins.

Bone Marrow Aside from these cells, bone marrow is rich in nutrients such as protein and vitamin B12, indispensable for your dog's proper growth and vigorous health. Bone marrow is a super tissue and harnesses its benefits for an enhanced diet.

Beef Broth Protein - 98% Protein - 70% Collagen - Natural source of easily digestible protein.  Great for joints, as bone broth is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Fantastic Liver Detoxifier.  Promotes a healthy gut!

Whey Protein Concentrate - Packed with all of the essential amino acids, Whey Protein promotes lean muscle growth and reduces inflammation while being extremely bioavailable.

Organic Pumpkin Protein - Great source of fiber making it a Great Digestive Aid.  Supports healthy urinary health.  Helps to regulate weight in overweight dogs.

Coconut Milk Powder - Helps to prevent urinary tract infections.  Adds shine to coat.  Helps fight viruses and improves immune system.

Organic Alfalfa Powder - Therapeutic Veterinarians often suggest alfalfa for its anti-inflammatory properties which help dogs with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, bladder irritation and even cancer.  Blood booster, aiding in better circulation and improving the condition of the dogs skin.  Helps to prevent gas by aiding in digestion.  

Blueberry Extract Powder - Potent cancer-fighting antioxidant!  Powerful superfood that aids in cardiovascular health of dogs. Helps prevent oxidative damage caused by strenuous exercise.  Silicon in blueberries helps to strengthen bone and skin structures in dogs.  Promotes eye health.  Vitamin K in blueberries improves a dog’s blood and liver health. 

Flax Seed Powder - Loaded with essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.  Fantastic for healthy skin and coat.  Supports healthy joints.  Supports healthy immune system.  Supports healthy kidneys.  May improve the health of dogs with adrenal issues.  Supports healthy digestion.

Dandelion Root Powder - Ideal for dogs with chronic indigestion or gas.  Promotes a healthy liver by increasing bile production and flow.  Promotes healthy urinary tract.  Helps with digestive issues.

Branch Chain Amino Acid - BCAA’s can give measurable gains in both strength and muscularity of dogs.  Allows dogs to recover faster after active workouts.  Aids in the cognitive development of dogs.  Supports vibrant aging

Taurine - An amino acid found in meat and fish that promotes the of fats as cholesterol. Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure thus keeping the heart healthy.  Aids in urinary health as well as eye health.

Spirulina Powder - Helps balance and stabilize the immune system, freeing up more metabolic energy for vitality, healing and assimilation of nutrients.  Anti-inflammatory properties. Improves kidney and liver function, and can aid in treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Boosts their immune systems, which can also help reduce allergies.

Papaya Seed Powder - Papaya can cure digestive issues in older dogs.  Improves heart health and cardiovascular diseases.  Enriches Fur and Coat.  Helps fight arthritis.  Helps fight bloating and indigestion.  Gets rid of worms

Beet Root Powder - Boosts Immunity, Boosts physical endurance, Promotes healthy weight, Increases antibodies, Antioxidant Support, Promotes fertility, Healthy vision

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